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A good printed letterhead is still the best way to catch and hold someone’s attention. Compared to an email, a letter has serious weight it shows you created the effort to design, print and post it, that speaks volumes regarding how much respect you’ve got for the recipient. Contacting a design agency or a possible new client? A well-designed letterhead can frame your message superbly and demonstrate your creative art. spend as much time refining your letterhead as you’d a portfolio or resume, and you’ll be sure to reap the professional rewards.

Get the basics Right
Every designer knows that a blank page will sometimes be incredibly intimidating. But before you begin simply throwing everything you have at the page, take a moment to set up the fundamentals of your letterhead to a high standard. First, make sure you’re using the best software for the duty. Word or Pages are fine for an ultra-simple layout, however these can impose limitations once it comes to using graphics or an unusual text layout. A program that’s tailored to creating more flexible business enterprise layouts is a better choice and can help you to develop your design a lot of professionally as you go. If you’re determined to use Photoshop, keep in mind to set up your canvas to 300 DPI to avoid any blurring or pixelation when you go to print. Still confused about that software to use? select the software you feel the most comfortable with using—you’ll feel a lot of confident with crafting the layout, and the result are better. Finally, think about the grid of your layout. Sure, a letterhead isn’t as complex as perhaps a poster or magazine cover, but it still wants a simple grid structure.

Go Geometric With Background Graphics
Geometric vectors are an eye-catching way to up the design your letterhead. This is a bold trend that takes inspiration from digital and app design, therefore it’s an excellent pick if you’re applying to a tech start-up or web design agency. You can do the low-poly look by making easy, repetitive shapes in illustrator and applying a gradient color effect to make a 3D look. . If you’re aiming to extend your letterhead design to different letterhead, like business cards and envelopes, this geometric design is simple to use across other media. simply copy and paste the design onto your other templates to make a uniform stationary set. It can’t fail to blow the socks off any interviewer.
Add a creative touch With a Header
An unstable header may be one of the more traditional layout designs you may select for your letterhead, but you’ll be able to bring it bang up to date by using zesty color or pattern as the backdrop. If you have a logo or signature, a header across the highest of your layout is that the good place to showcase it. Therefore if you’re looking to make a memorable brand look for your application, a simple, eye-catching header is an excellence design to go for.

Brand Your letterhead With a logo
A logo is the best way to start with making your brand, and it can be a fast and easy method. Explore simple ideas, using the letters of your initials or your own signature, to create a logo that unforgettably expresses who you are in a single graphic. This letterhead is a pretty example of an easy brand design. Mimic the design by setting the first letter of your name in a sans-serif typeface and teaming it with an easy color palette. Yellow and gray have a corporate feel, but try different combinations to fit your role. Blues are calming, while green has an eco-friendly feel which suits charities and start-ups. Are you designing a letterhead for a client or a corporation of your own? Establishing a consistent brand look across your letterhead design & printing is important for communicating the authenticity and solidity of your business. This monochrome panda-inspired brand design is a strong yet easy method of giving your communications a unique and memorable look.

Pick a Theme and Run With It
A great tip for designing any letterhead or stationery item is to start small. Focus on refining a small element of your design, whether that’s a graphic part, a logo, or an easy colored header or column. Once you’re pleased with that single feature, use it to develop a full theme for the letterhead and for different print media. Here a color palette of purples, oranges, grays and blues has been applied to a very easy set of shapes. The designer uses these as building blocks for creating a more interesting geometric design, that they use to brighten the letterhead, business cards and other things in their letterhead set. Build a uniform stationery Set Many of the examples used in this article have incontestable whole stationery sets, and not simply letterheads alone. While it may sound like a lot of effort, taking the time to design a whole stationery set can really help to set you except different candidates when applying for competitive creative roles. Creating a whole stationery set needn’t be a frightening task. InDesign is ideally suited for making totally different stationery items, and you can realize blank templates for envelopes, business cards and a lot of on InDesign Secrets.

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